Telephone Installers in Hervey Bay and the Fraser Coast

Need a phone or phone system installed?

When you need a phone, an extension plug or an entire phone system installed in your home in Hervey Bay or on the Fraser Coast you need A.C.C. Electrical.

Every situation is different and every client has different needs when it comes to installing phones but everyone wants the right phone for their situation.

That’s why you need a phone installer who will listen to what you want and then deliver the outcomes you need.

A.C.C. Electrical assesses your location and compares those with your needs and then delivers the phone system that is right for you.

Experience delivers a better outcome

Cabling requirements for telephone installation in homes has changed over the years and you need a telephone installer who has the experience to do the job right.

The affordable phone installer in Hervey Bay

A.C.C. Electrical also understands that keeping costs down is important too and we guarantee that we will deliver the most affordable option that meets your needs.


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